Electronic Collective Effervescence

Here’s my facebook post from March 12th which inspired me to restart my blog:

Yesterday, I was in such a funk. I realized why when several students asked me, almost tearily, what I thought they’d do about graduation. I didn’t have an answer, but I suspect the worst. Then it hit me– I, and so many of us, are grieving the loss of collective effervescence. I am a deep introvert, so being alone is Great. But I’m also human which means I need parades, circuses, weddings, dances, concerts, graduations, dissertation defenses, rallies, sporting events, parties, conferences, large family gatherings and graduations. Even if I don’t always want to be there, I need to know these things are there, are happening. And even the most introverted of us sometimes needs the energy of coming together for a common (and hopefully joyful) purpose. We need the comfort of other bodies in close proximity. We need the ritual. It keeps us going. It is the best of us. This is what we are losing to this virus. Instead, we have the often toxic anxiety, fear, anger and grief of our electronic worlds. So let’s bring on the electronic collective effervescence! Bring on the nature pictures, the spring has sprung pictures, the cute pics of your kids, the jokes about the ridiculousness of it all, the beautiful paintings and poetry and song. We can’t stop keeping each other thinking and informed, of course, but I am challenging all of you to make our facebook feeds a beautiful and joyful and fun collective space. I want to laugh and smile when I log in, not cringe and worry and cry.

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