From My New Eyes (Our Family’s Year in Addis) to Dispatches from the Coronaland Border

Dispatches from the Coronaland Border

In fall 2016 I started this blog when we moved our family to Ethiopia for a year. Gradually life took over and the blog fell by the wayside. Life got too busy to keep up with a blog. Enter March 2020 and the coronavirus outbreak. Suddenly I have the illusion of having more time and the need to write and reflect on so many things. I don’t l know how long I’ll keep this up. Probably as long as I have things to say and as long as other people find it useful to read them. I’ve left the posts from Ethiopia, but changed the title and home page. Please leave a comment and let me know if you’d like to add a post of your own!

My New Eyes: Our Family’s Year in Addis

Addis Ayne (I-nee) means “My Addis eyes” (or, generously translated, my view of Addis) and also “my new eyes.” My name is Jennifer Riggan. I am a political, educational and socio-cultural anthropologist. I am on sabbatical in Addis Ababa for a year. My husband grew up here. This is a blog about our experiences moving here with our children . It aspires to be a space to reflect about learning to see the world—the place where we come from, the place where we live now, and all the places that are connected to them—by paying attention to our children’s experiences.